Funding Sources

Our work has been graciously supported by the following institutions:


2009-2013 N.I.H., U01 NS064096, AAV-mediated gene therapy for GM2- gangliodoses. FE, Investigator.

2010-2015 N.I.H., R01 NS072446-01, The Role of Desoxysphingoid bases in HSAN1. FE, P.I.

2011-2013 National Tay Sachs & Allied Diseases Foundation, Clinical Outcome Measures for a Gene Therapy Trial in Infantile and Juvenile GM2. FE, P.I.


2000-2001 N.I.H., N01-LM-9– 3537 , Development of MRI Transmission through Internet-2 as a novel tool for remote evaluation of patients with X-linked Adrenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD). FE, Consultant.

2005-2006 William Randolph Hearst Foundation, 520-45458-600377-746021-0000-6, Imaging the Animal Model of X-ALD. FE, P.I.

2006-2009  N.I.H., 1 K08 NS052550-01A1, Imaging the Pathophysiology of AMN in Mice and Humans. FE, P.I.

2007-2009 The Tay-Sachs Gene Therapy Consortium, A Natural History of Tay- Sachs Disease. FE, Investigator.

2009-2011  N.I.H., K08NS052550-04S1, Imaging the Pathophysiology of AMN in Mice and Humans FE, P.I.